Monday, January 17, 2011

Sangiovese Part 2

My personal favorite of the four Sangiovese based wines at the Saturday dinner was the 2006 Querciabella Chianti Classico.  For me it was a wine that was hard to fault.  The nose was a sweet and sour cherry aroma with the requisite earthiness, but this wine added a touch of light smoke.  Full flavored with ripe cherries and a few hints of darker fruit.  By itself it was a pleasure to sip, but with the meal it was a delight.  The firmness of the body, the tannin and the acid were totally balanced and played with the food like they were lifelong friends.  This wine was much more together than the Il Nero di Casanova discussed below and that gave it the edge for me. 

The happiest news is that I have two bottles of this wine resting in the cellar so there are some good drinking times ahead.

$28 and 13.5% alcohol.

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