Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Snow

Another storm is rolling through, and we are already over our usual amount of snowfall for winter in this area.  Temperatures are going to drop after the snow stops falling with a low of near 5 degrees tonight and near or below zero tomorrow night.  I could use a little global warming about this time. 

There is a wonderful piece of beef that was braised two days ago and has been resting in the cooking liquid for two days.  It's back in the oven now with the finishing touches applied so there will be a warm, hearty meal shortly.  Somewhere in the cellar is a wine to match the evening mood; warm, rich, and tasty.  No doubt the evening will end with me sitting in the rocker in the front window watching the snow fall.  Most likely there will be a glass of port in my hand.  Sometimes I love winter.

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