Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sangiovese, The Ringer

Along with the three Italian versions of sangiovese wines was a 2007 "R" from California's Jeff Runquist Wines.  The grapes are from Amador County.

This was the most fascinating wine of the night along with being the most unusual.  There was also nothing shy about it and the "R" definitely doesn't stand for "reticent."  This was an in your face wine.

The aroma out of the glass was immensely fruity and reeking of oak, vanilla and alcohol.  My first reaction was to dismiss this wine as out of balance and exaggerated.  After tasting the wine it wasn't out of balance, and while it may have been exaggerated it seemed intentional.  The taste was full of dark cherries and blueberries all wrapped around sweet vanilla and oak.  There was still some acid to go along with both the large amount of wood tannin and grape tannin.  Rather than an attractive woman this wine was an Olympic weightlifter, muscular and full of itself. 

I liked the way the wine tasted by itself, but it totally overpowered the food.  Still it is a wine I would like to try again in two years, and then two years after that.  I am curious as to whether the wood will eventually integrate into the fruit. 

15% alcohol - price not available. 

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