Sunday, February 27, 2011

Henry Fessy Morgon, 2007

Quoting an old song by Dinah Washington here...
What a difference a day makes
Twenty four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain....
The wine in this case was a Henry Fessy, Morgon from the 2007 vintage.  We drank this wine over two days and it was like drinking two different wines. 

Day one was with a pan seared strip steak and some mixed veggies sauteed in butter and olive oil.  The cork came out of the bottle, the wine hit the glass and there was fruit and flowers everywhere.  It was like walking through a florist's shop.  Wonderful, happy flavors of ripe, sweet fruit, tart acid and good mouth feel.  Sweet pleasant finish that was all about fruit.  Very good with the steak and good to just sip the second glass. 

Day two was with a lamb and beef and pasta dish.  The wine was vacuumed overnight but when the liquid hit the glass it was quite a different wine.  Where had the flowers and fruit gone?  They certainly weren't in the wine.  In place of fruit and flowers the wine was giving off damp earth and dark, woodsy  aromas that weren't there on day one.  The flavors in the wine matched the nose, dark, brooding fruit instead of bright cheerful fruit.  The earthy taste was there along with the fruit.  The tannins were strong on this day, and they had been very weak on the first day.  The acid level was still good and still prominent at the finish.  On day one the wine was bouncy and happy and on day two it was brooding and asking to be taken more seriously.   

I liked this wine on both days.  It's youthful side was fun, while it's serious side stood up well to the stronger flavors in the lamb and beef dish.  Had they been poured side by side I never would have picked them as the same wine.  Forced to choose, I would go with the flavor profile from the first day. 

13% alcohol and $10.

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