Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dolcetto D'Alba

It had been some time since I opened a Dolcetto, but we corrected that for Leap Day.  The wine was a Mauro Veglio Dolcetto D'Alba from the 2010 vintage.

Deep and dark color as expected and the nose was dark fruits and dark fruit jam.  Very full bodied wine with great flavors of ripe, black plums and blackberries.  The acid seemed a little low on this wine, and the tannins were hiding somewhere but never showed up.  Long, sweetish finish to the wine.

Dinner was some chicken thighs broiled with Italian seasoning and some orecchiette pasta with a sour cream and chive sauce with grated cheese and cracked black pepper.  The best part was the chives.  With an unseasonably warm winter here the chives were the first thing to come out of the garden for the spring and were certainly a welcome, fresh taste.  Good meal and the wine was fine for washing down the food.

The bottom line - nothing bad here but little to praise either.  A basic, entry level fruity wine.

$12 and 13.5% alcohol.

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