Monday, March 12, 2012

Le Vaucrain

We did another round of duck legs over the weekend, seared and then braised with vegetables.  It takes some time but it's a simple and flavorful meal.

The wine was a Louis Jadot Cote de Nuits Villages "Le Vaucrain."  Medium density to the color.  Very earthy wine as far as aromas go, woods, mushrooms, tree bark and earth.  After a few minutes of swirling the fruit began to emerge in the form of tart cherries.  I opened the wine just as the duck legs went into the oven to braise so the wine had ample time to breathe.

By the time dinner was ready there was more fruit coming out of the glass.  Medium weight in the mouth, the flavors were the tart cherries sitting on top of those woody and  earthy tastes that matched the aroma.  Deep long lasting flavors that had great acidity and good tannins at the end.  Good stuff with the duck as the bird brought out much more fruit in wine.   The last glass was the best, but I saved the very last glass in the bottle for a second day.

The second day the fruit had come out in a big way and the tannins and earth had receded a bit.  There's one more bottle in the cellar and it will get a break of a year or so and then will be decanted thoroughly before drinking.

13.5% alcohol and close-out price of $22.

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