Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Italy Completed

Being a list keeper sometimes has unintended consequences or rewards.  I've been keeping lists and notes on wines since a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away.  Recently there was reward for this.

There was a grilled steak a few days ago and the wine we opened was a 2007 Di Majo Norante Cantado Riserva, an Aglianico del Molise.  Full bodied, bright and sharp cherry flavors with earth and wood overtones.  Great acid that cut through the steak.  Pleasing finish that left a good cherry flavor in the mouth and left one ready for the next bite of beef. 

This was the first time I drank a wine from Molise, an Italian province on the Adriatic between Abruzzo and Puglia.  This also meant that I have now had at least one wine from every Italian province.  Some were difficult to find.  I struggled to find a Ligurian wine and one from Marche, but the Molise wine required the longest search. 

When I saw the wine on a shelf at one of my usual wine buying haunts I explained this to the salesperson who thought it such a good idea that the store is now considering doing this a  promotion for a number of their customers.  I may have to take a second trip through Italy.

13.5% alcohol and $14.

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