Monday, March 26, 2012

Blanc de Noir in Spring

There are no flavors like the fresh ones in the spring.  Even this year when the winter was so mild it is refreshing to see things that haven't been around here in awhile.

Blanc de Noirs sparkling wine is great in the spring also because it  highlights those fresh flavors.  The wine here is the Glorria Ferrer Blanc de Noir from the Sonoma section of the Carneros region in northern California. 

The color was just a very subtle shading of pink.  The bubbles were plenty and long lasting and the flavor was spot on with light red fruit and dry, yeasty taste.  Light, balanced, prickly on the tongue and just plain good.

Dinner was Arctic Char, pan seared on the flesh side, flipped over and dusted with chipotle powder and finished briefly in a hot oven.  The fresh peas were quickly sauteed in a small pan in some butter and olive oil and flash steamed by adding just a splash of the sparkling wine.  When the peas were perfectly tender I stirred in some fresh from the garden spearmint.  A side dish of sweet potato chips, dusted with sea salt and a wee bit of chipotle powder, completed the meal.  I love spring.

$17 and 12.5% alcohol

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