Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shrimp and Chablis

Successful experiment for dinner tonight, shrimp in a seafood broth and a 2008 Simonet-Febvre Chablis.

The broth was onions, garlic and fennel, all chopped and sweated in some canola oil until soft and fragrant.  Next into the pan was the shrimp shells and heads.  A couple of minutes later in went a dab of tomato paste, then a bit of the Chablis.  When all that reduced I added a mixture of shrimp stock, clam juice and orange peel and the entire mixture simmered for half an hour.  When it was done I strained out all the solids and when it cooled I refrigerated the stock.

Just before dinner the shrimp got a quick saute' in oil, butter and parsley while the stock reheated.  Some butter was swirled into the stock and it went into a bowl with the shrimp arranged in a circle.  Some toasted baguette slices completed the dish.

With a small salad and the wine it was a very nice start the the evening.

Notes on the wine here.

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