Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2006 Kinkead Ridge Riesling

The fall release of red wines is this weekend at the Kinkead Ridge winery in Ripley, Ohio.  As usual in gearing up for the event I pulled out an older vintage from them to start getting my taste buds in shape.

Though the release is red wines, I pulled out a 2006 Riesling because dinner was a little spicy.  Inch thick pork chops were thrown on the grill with just salt, pepper and wee bit of olive oil.  When the first side was properly browned I flipped them over and applied a semi thick coating of a peach and habanero pepper chutney.  The chutney got all warm and oozy while the chops finished cooking.

The wine was definitely mature when the cork came out of the bottle.  The bloom of youth was gone and in its place was an attractive, mature adult.  Deeper yellow in color and the aromas changed from fresh and prickly citrus and crisp apple to more apricot and ripe peach flavors.  The first sip seemed a little oxidized, and it probably was.  That said this was a great match for the pork and spicy chutney.  The acid was still there in the wine to clear the palate and the deeper flavors of the apricots stood up and embraced the chutney.  This was a really nice match.

I sat outside when the evening cooled and the residual sweetness in the wine turned out to be a great match for a small piece of Roquefort cheese that served as dessert. 

The wine is fully mature and I don't see it getting any better, but then it doesn't have to get better because I intend on drinking the last two in the near future.  It is certainly interesting to compare this vintage to younger ones.  Might have to to do a vertical here.

Kinkead Ridge Riesling, Ohio River Valley.  10.6% alcohol.  184 cases produced.  $11.95

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