Friday, August 24, 2012

Really? No, Reuilly!

Dinner a few nights ago was a wonderful piece of Alaskan halibut.  It was dusted with some salt and white pepper and a bit of smoked paprika.  It got a quick pan sear on the fleshy side and then was flipped over to the skin side and finished in a hot oven for a couple of minutes. 

The wine I pulled out was a 2009 Denis Jamain Reuilly, Les Pierres Plates from the Loire valley.  The wine is sauvignon blanc.  Pale, green-gold color in the glass the wine smelled of fresh crushed apples and green grapes and a few wildflowers.  Very nice nose.  The first sip was an eye opener - super tart, fruity but dry and then minerality on steroids.  This was a fresh, mouth filling wine.  Halibut is a rich fish and this wine cut through that perfectly.  The finish on the wine was a bit short, but in the end it was that taste of minerals that hung on as the final sensation.  A little research and I understood.  Reuilly sits on the same Kimmeridgian limestone that makes Chablis so distinctive.  It sits on an old seabed full of shells and marine deposits.   

Very nice wine at a very fair price.

2009 Denis Jamain Reuilly, Les Pierres Plates.  12.5% alcohol and $17.

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