Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yellow Tomatoes - Part Two

To finish off the plethora of yellow tomatoes late yesterday morning there were yellow Bloody Marys for brunch.  Whole yellow tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt and pepper were thoroughly chopped in the food processor and then put through the food mill.  The mixture went into a tall glass of ice with some vodka and lemon juice in the bottom, and a celery stick was added to stir it all together.

I believe that covered three food groups:  fruit because the tomato is really a fruit, vegetables with the celery stick and grain with the vodka.  Total health food. 

The tomatoes were local, and the celery was from the local farmers' market which insists that it come from within 50 miles of here.  The vodka was from the distillery just up the road about ten miles.  Only the Tabasco, the Worcestershire, lemon juice and the glass had a carbon footprint worth talking about.  After the second drink I wasn't overly concerned about the carbon footprint.

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