Friday, August 17, 2012

Yellow Tomatoes

It's been a remarkable year for local tomatoes - a great vintage. Not only are they very good, they are plentiful.  One thing that I am thankful for is that everyone seems to plant yellow tomatoes and then they only want to overindulge on the red ones.  I'm partial to red, but when every tomato growing friend gives me yellow tomatoes I'm more than willing to make yellow tomato soup.

Seeded tomatoes, a few shallots, some olive oil, a little sea salt, a touch of vodka, and some white pepper all cook slowly together until the liquid reduces.  The mixture goes through a food mill to remove the skins and a little cream is added to give it body and richness and small bit of lemon juice to up the acid.  A drizzle of olive oil, some fresh, chopped basil, a few slices of toasted baguette and one has a great lunch.

And there is enough to freeze to repeat the meal several times over the next couple of months.

And there were still enough tomatoes left for a yellow Bloody Mary.  More on that later.


Shannon said...

Looks delicious. I grow both yellow and red tomatoes, but when it comes to eating I prefer the yellow. Where I live the yellow tomatoes don't produce very long and when they are producing there's tons of them a day. Makes for a special treat in June and early July, and then it's over! Too late for me to do it now, but I'll keep you soup recipe in mind for next summer. Thanks!

Dan McGrew said...

Thanks. It definitely tastes like summer and it does freeze well, though I leave out the cream if the container is going in the freezer. I add it after thawing and while the soup is simmering.