Thursday, August 16, 2012

Celebrating Julia

Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of Julia Child's birth, and while I don't think she would appreciated the fuss that the national media gave the day I'm sure she would have loved a good meal to celebrate.

For me it was an excuse to pull out and cook from my well worn copy of Mastering The Art of French Cooking Vol 1.  After some research the final meal was from page 366,  Escalopes de Veau a la Creme - veal scallops, sauteed in butter and oil with shallots, mushrooms, white wine, beef stock and cream.  There were no substitutions of ingredients and no variation from the procedure, it was done strictly the way she wrote it.  In the end there was not a bit left and the only change I would have made (and will in the future) is to finish the dish with some lemon juice and/or lemon zest. 

Her recommendation in the book was for a modest white Burgundy and my answer was a 2009 Olivier Leflaive Bourgogne Les Setilles.  The wine is a blend of 80% chardonnay from Pugliny Montrachet and 20% chardonnay from Meursault.  Pale green - gold color in the glass the wine smelled of fresh citrus with hints of apple and pineapple.  There was a wonderful mouth feel to this wine and the flavors were precise and sharp - sweet, ripe golden delicious apple, freshly zested lemons and a hint of pineapple and tropical flavors.  When the pineapple appeared I thought the wine might be going too tropical, but that flavor aspect remained a highlight and not a dominating part of the wine.  Great acidity and a nice, though not overly long finish.  There was a suggestion of oak but certainly nothing strong.  Very well balanced wine that for an entry level Bourgogne was well made and delicious.  It was perfect with the veal, but of course Julia said it would be.  At a price point below $20 it was also an outstanding bargain - so much so that today's excursion out into the world will produce a couple of more bottles of this wine for near term drinking.

2009 Olivier Leflaive Bourgogne Les Setilles.  13% alcohol and $19.99

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