Thursday, August 2, 2012


I've been buying more sherry in the last year for two reasons.  First, I don't think there is a category of wine out there that gives better quality for the money.  Second, most of the ones I've tried have been delicious.

The delicious certainly came into play with the latest purchase, an Emilio Hildalgo, Oloroso Seco, Gobernador.  Medium to dark amber color in the glass the wine seemed a bit closed for the first couple of minutes.  After five minutes the wine opened up with aromas of fresh roasted nuts, freshly ground coffee and some dried citrus peel.  After a few more swirls the dominance of the various aromas changed and there was also a note or two of cocoa powder.  Great wine for sitting and sniffing.

The taste was an interesting play between walnuts and dried citrus with an interesting bitter note that reminded me of sorghum molasses.  There wasn't a lot of that molasses flavor, but it was consistently there and it made for a good highlight.  Another point is that this wine smells sweeter than it tastes. The very front end in the mouth has a sweet impression, but that quickly goes dry and stays that way through a long finish.  

There was a plate of thinly sliced sopressa salami, some smoked almonds, a few olives and bit of gruyere cheese to munch with the wine over the course of an evening spent watching the London Olympics. Good stuff.

Emilio Hiladalgo, Gobernador.  20% alcohol and $23

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