Sunday, October 21, 2012

2011 Riesling

The very last thing I needed in my area was a new wine store, but since it was there and since I would hate to see a wine store fail I had to stop.

What I brought home was the first sighting in this area of a 2011 German Riesling.  To be exact it was an Urban Mosel Riesling from St. Urbans-Hof, an estate whose wines I like. This is their introductory level wine made from grapes purchased from various sites along the Mosel River. 

Dinner was a spice rubbed half turkey breast roasted in the small oven.  The spice rub was white peppercorns, coarse sea salt, fresh sage and fresh thyme all whizzed together in a spice grinder to make a lightly moist rub.  The turkey got about two hours in this rub before being smeared with olive oil and roasted.  Wonderful aromas in the house while this roasted and both dogs guarded the oven in case a thief broke in with thoughts to steal it. 

There was a sauce with some of the drippings, a little flour, some duck fat, a wee bit of the spice blend, a good does of red pepper flakes and chicken stock. 

Pretty, clear greenish gold color to the wine.  Stone fruit aromas mixed with citrus notes in the nose.  Great mouth feel to this wine as it coated all parts of the mouth.  Sharp and tart at the front end, decidedly sweet in the middle and full and crisp at the finish.  Nicely balanced wine with a rather short finish.  Nice match with the turkey breast, and the sweetness in the wine worked great with the mild heat from the red pepper flakes in the sauce.  Nothing earth shattering here, but a nice little wine at a more than fair price.

Urban Riesling by St Urbans-Hof.  9.5% alcohol and a great buy at $11.

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