Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Few American Cheeses

It wasn't that long ago that the term American cheese meant a square of nondescript, yellow-orange, slices that were mostly used to top hamburgers.  That's no longer the case as a recent sampling proved.  Clockwise from the bottom....

Reny-Picot, a brie style cheese out of Michigan.  Soft, buttery, rich and very tasty.  From cow's milk.

Meadow Creek Dairy's Appalachian from Virginia.  Medium firm cheese with notes of lemon and grass.  Almost toast like at the end.  Melted easily on the tongue.  Cow's milk.

Crave Brothers Les Freres from Wisconsin.  A washed rind cheese with a medium soft body.  Fruity and earthy with a hint of mushrooms.  Cows again.

Laura Chenel Chevre with herbs from California.  Tart, sharp, creamy and delicious goats milk cheese. 

All four were good but the Appalachian won my heart.  Great stuff.

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