Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Copain Tous Ensemble

Copain wines get a lot of interesting press, primarily because they went from being over the top wines to more refined and elegant in the last few years.    They are also very hard to come by in Ohio, so I was quite surprised to find a bottle of pinot noir on the shelf.  This particular bottle was a Tous Ensemble, a blend from several vineyards in Mendocino's Anderson Valley.

The wine had a light color in the glass and looked more like a Burgundy than a California interpretation of pinot noir.  The aromas were somewhat reserved but eventually there was a mixture of red fruit, cherries and raspberries.  Medium weight and mouth feel to the wine, light, supple and pleasant.  Good, simple fruit flavors and a bit of earthiness combined to make this a very easy wine to sip and enjoy.  Good length to the finish and great acidity to clear the palate.  Light tannins contributed to the finish as well, and all together made this a wine that was hard to resist. Nothing earth shattering, and at $30 maybe a tad overpriced, but this is a good wine.

Dinner was a two inch thick rib eye steak and some roasted potatoes.  The beef was slowly roasted on the grill and then cut into slices after it rested.  Excellent match with the wine.

The second wine of the night was a 2001 Col Solare from Washington state, a joint project between chateau Ste. Michelle and Antinori of Italy.  The wine is a Bordeaux style blend.  Dark wine in the glass and powerful aromas of black fruit and spice.  Very noticeable oak in this wine.  Full bodied and mouth coating, but still some restraint and grace to it.  Fully mature with soft tannins and a nice acid balance that gave it some refreshing qualities.  Lengthy, sweet finish.  Very good with the beef.  Much more serious wine than the pinot noir.

Copain Tous Ensemble Pinot Noir.  13.1% alcohol and $30
Cole Solare.  14.2% alcohol and $55.

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