Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Austrian Riesling

When I open a Riesling more often than not it is German, or a good but modest Ohio Riesling.  I reached for another Riesling a couple of nights ago and instead pulled out a wine from Austria.  The wine was a 2009 Schloss-Gobelsburg Gobelsburger from the Kamptal region of Austria. 

Dinner was a simple roast chicken and I was in the mood for something lighter.  The Gobelsburger was just about perfect.  Light, refreshing, focused, and a great compliment to the food.

There was a good whiff of kerosene at the start but I decanted the bottle and after a few minutes that aroma faded.  Citrus peel and white flowers in the nose.  Medium body wine with great acid that flooded the mouth with texture, tartness and a taste of a cold, crisp apple.  Very good length to the finish and bone dry and refreshing at the very end. 

If one isn't a fan of the sweet sensation in a German Riesling this trocken (dry style) Riesling is a great alternative.  Truly nice wine.

Schloss-Gobelsburg Gobelsburger Riesling, Kamptal Austria.  12.5% alcohol and $20.

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