Friday, October 12, 2012

Hard Apple Cider

Definitely autumn weather in this area and a new batch of hard ciders is showing up on the shelves of the local markets.  They are much more than a seasonal taste, but with barely warm and sunny days and brisk nights they do tend to be a little special at this time of year.

The latest to find its way home was a Crispin , Artisanal Reserve Cider.  This is a completely natural cider with nothing added except for some organic honey.  It's unfined and unfiltered so it is a cloudy cider with lots of sediment.

Definitely apples and yeast on the nose with bits of baked goods popping in  as well.  Bright, crisp, fresh and fruity taste of apples.  The honey is a grace note here, and there also seems to be an earthiness, almost a roasted mushroom taste as well.  There's a sweet sour finish that is very refreshing. 

Dinner was spiced and pan seared pork chops with sauteed apples and a reduced cider and mustard sauce to add more flavor.  Since a quarter cup of the Crispin Cider went into the sauce it matched up perfectly with the cider.  Good stuff.

Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider, Artisinal Reserve.  6.5% alcohol and $6 for 22 ounces.

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