Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Sometimes a wine is very disappointing and the recently consumed Michel-Schlumberger 2007 Dry Creek Valley Syrah, La Source, was one of them.  I was very happy with both the 2006 and 2008 vintages of this wine, but this 2007 bottle was tired. Dinner was a grilled flat iron steak cooked medium rare with minimal seasoning and a baked sweet potato with only butter, salt and pepper.  That's a meal that should shine with any good red wine.

Dark color to the wine and jam like nose of dark fruit.  Full bodied mouth feel and upfront, dark fruit flavors showed some promise, but about halfway through a large sip the tannin faded, the acid level seemed to decrease and the wine went flat.  I went into a major swirling fit to get more air into the wine, but that was of no use here.  This bottle was sadly dead on arrival.  The finish was syrupy sweet and brief.  I have to attribute this to a bad bottle since my other experiences with this winery has all been positive.

We finished the meal with a Left Hand Brewing Company Black Jack Porter.  Good beer.

2007 Michel-Schlumberger Dry Creek Valley Syrah, La Source.

14.5% alcohol and $30

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