Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Surprise Find

If one reads this blog for any length of time one will realize that I love Chablis and I drink a number of them from a multitude of producers.  There has been one producer that I have searched for in the local stores and/or some of the websites I visit and have never been able to find.   That changed in California when we stopped into a small market to buy some cheese for dinner and I wondered through the wine section.  There sat a bottle of Chablis from my missing producer - La Chablisienne, the cooperative in the Chablis region that usually produces high volumes of wine.

In this case the wine was a premier cru, Montmains, from the 2010  vintage.  Two days later we opened the bottle with some seafood.  Bright lively color and a somewhat reserved aroma filled the glass.  There was the tartness up front and a mellowness in the middle and that unmistakable minerality of limestone in the finish.  The body on this wine was a wee bit more full than I am used to and there was a light noticeable flavor of oak.  Delicious wine that I'm happy to have found, but not my favorite Chablis.

2010 La Chablisienne Montmains premier cru.  $25 and 13% alcohol.

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