Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kinkead Ridge

This coming weekend marks the release of the white wines from Ohio's Kinkead Ridge Vineyards,  the best of Ohio's wineries.  As is my habit in getting ready for the event I drank an older vintage.  In this case it was a white Revelation, a blend of a number of varietals, and a wine that because of a poor spring in 2012 won't be available from the 2012 vintage.  

The blush of youth and the electricity of a new wine is gone from this particular vintage and in its place there's a wine with depth, flavor and class.  The gangly edges are gone and it has grown into something beautiful.  It's very white Bordeaux in style with some grassiness, gooseberries, white peaches and some yellow figs in the flavor.  It's a medium bodied wine that can stand some hearty fare, but is still agile enough  to know its place as a compliment to food.  It's really drinking well right now.

It accompanied the plate pictured below.... blanched white asparagus, ripe Roma tomatoes with fresh mozzarella cheese, lightly smoked chicken breast slices, lightly blanched sugar snap peas, thin slices of salami, some marinated red onions, fresh basil and fresh lettuce.  The whole plate was dressed with a light vinaigrette with some pink peppercorns in the mix.   

2010 Kinkead Ridge White Revelation.  14.5% alcohol and $16.

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Nancy Bentley said...

The River Village Cellars White Wine (only $9.99!) is an interesting blend... it would have been Revelation but we purchased some grapes, and Kinkead Ridge label is only for estate grown. This blend is Chardonnay, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Albarino (all estate grown) and Seyval (purchased), and it works! It's a charming wine. White wine will only be sold at the winery until September, if any are left they will then go out to the wine stores. Nancy B.