Monday, May 20, 2013


In one sense it was a wasted weekend, but it was certainly a lot of fun.  The new Dan Brown book, Inferno, arrived on Thursday and I finished page 461 early Sunday evening.  I know of no one currently writing who can grab a reader's attention and keep it like Dan Brown.  Even if one puts the book down to do other things like tidy up the house, fix lunch or dinner, or make certain the canines get proper attention it's hard to leave this book alone.  When I walked by it, it kept calling to me to read just one more chapter.

Of course there are 'baddies' up to no good and good folks trying to stop them, but the problem here is trying to tell which is which.  The plot turns and twists in this novel are like a contortionist in a pretzel factory.  Along the way one picks up quite a bit of medieval Italian history and a good bit of information on Dante's Divine Comedy which serves as the centerpiece of the nefarious plot the baddies are trying to execute.  I had a great time stopping to check both Google and Wikipedia for info and pictures of some of the Italians referenced and the places visited by those in the novel.

Since this plot twists and turns so much I won't attempt  begin to describe it.  It's an easy two day read if one doesn't stop to check the internet for the people and places.  Fun - just plain fun.

Inferno by Dan Brown.  Doubleday 2013.  $29.95 and 461 pages.

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