Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fontaine - Audon

In the past the wines for the Crustacean Celebration have been chardonnay based, primarily French.  This year we threw in a sauvignon blanc based wine, Chateau de Fonatine - Audon, a Sancerre from the 2008 vintage.

There was no mistaking the sauvignon blanc in this wine.  There were grassy aromas mixed with some citrus zest.  This was not a fruity wine at all, it was more about texture and minerality.  It was more about how this wine felt in the mouth than it was about how it tasted.  There were drying tannins and a sense of wet limestone that were very appealing.  The finish was long and dry.  This is a wine I liked but a wine that could have used just a touch more fruit in the taste.  Of course it had the disadvantage of being on the same table with the Les Preuses described below, and that would have been unfair to vast majority of wines.

2008 Chateau de Fonatine-Audon Sancerre.  13.5% alcohol and $32

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