Friday, May 10, 2013


The plane home has landed and the California trip is now a great memory.  I was in Marin County, about half an hour south of the start of the Napa and Sonoma wine areas - a very good place to be.  I managed to get to both areas, but there is never enough time to see everything one wants to see.  I visited a couple of old favorites and a couple of new places that are now on the favorite list.  There was way too much good food, and an equal amount of good wine to go with it.  Add in some good friends and it made for a wonderful trip. 

My new friend, above, dropped in to say hello while I was standing on the dock in a tidal creek that flows into San Francisco bay.  I admit that a quick vision of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds entered my mind. 

Lots of notes on food and wine to get to in the coming weeks. 

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