Monday, November 2, 2015

Dragon's Breath and other notes

It's been awhile since anything was posted here, and that was due almost entirely to a nasty infection that required some strong antibiotics that precluded enjoying any of my favorite liquids (no alcohol).   That has passed and there is a wonderful lineup of bottles to come.

October is now gone and it is the morning fog and mist season along the Great Miami River where the resident canine and I walk almost every day.  Since 1981 when I saw the movie Excalibur fog has always been dragons' breath.  That was the name given to fog by Merlin the Magician in the movie.  It stuck with me.

Whatever it's called it can be quite beautiful and quite eerie at times.  It also changes by the minute.  All three photos were taken in a period of twenty minutes. 

And on a different day, a day in which my only camera was my I-phone, there was an amazing site.  A young, bald eagle was perched in a tree above the river.  We were able to walk to within a fair distance and watch him watching us.  He eventually turned his attention back to the river and soon launched into a dive and came up with a fat fish for his breakfast.  A rare sight considering that this river used to be a virtual sewer and that bald eagles were an endangered species.  Stricter environmental laws and more public awareness have certainly helped the river and the bird.


Ian Johnston said...

Fabulous Dan - and good to hear that you're back to health!

Slainte :o)

Dan McGrew said...

Thanks, Ian.