Sunday, November 22, 2015

Islay Whisky

I seem to be in one of those periods where single malt whisky keep appearing in my life.  I have certainly been in worse periods. 

The latest from a friend who had been traveling was a Laphroaig Select.  This was an interesting whisky.  It was unmistakably a Laphroaig with its sense of peat smoke and iodine, but it was a more refined version than I am used to drinking from Laphroaig.  There seemed to be bits of caramel or toffee in this whisky.  There was some elegance to this whisky and that made it quite appealing overall.  At the risk of heresy it seemed like a Laphroaig's salute to its arch rival Lagavulin, a salute that is usually done with the middle finger of either hand. Whatever the motivation or intent it was a delicious whisky.  At 40% alcohol it was highly drinkable.

The second whisky was a Bunnahabhain Toiteach.  Toiteach apparently translates to smoky, and this was a very smoky drink from a distillery that is know to stay on the fruitier side of whisky, and produces perhaps the lightest of the Islay malts.   A big, robust and almost chunky whisky that would have be best appreciated around a fire in the fire pit on a patio.  At 46%  alcohol it warmed all the way to the toes.  Very nice, but on the expensive side at $75.

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Ian Johnston said...

As you rightly say Dan, a period where malts keep appearing is no bad thing - and those look to be two very interesting expressions....

Slainte Mhath! :o)