Monday, November 16, 2015

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Thanks to someone's kindness and good fortune there was some serious Scottish whisky to drink.  In this case it was a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the top of the line of the Johnnie Walker whiskys, a blend of malt whiskys and grain whiskys. 

The best one word description would be elegant.  It is smooth, forward, and full flavored with hints of wood, herbs, oranges, and only a hint of smoke.  This goes down very easy.  It is a pleasure to drink, but this isn't near the top of my favorites list for Scottish Whisky.  And at the price ($200), it's not likely to make the list.

My three favorites remain Lagavulin 16 year old,  Highland Park 18 year old and Rosebank 16 year old - all half the price of the Blue Label.


Ian Johnston said...

Though undoubtedly a fine dram, that's a lot of money - you have a generous friend! :o)

Given the three very fine examples of the distillers art on your favourites list, Douglas W and I would recommend trying Jura Origin - the original 10 year old expression, and in our opinion still one of the best whiskies around - and currently retailing in Scotland at less than a fifth of the cost of the JW!

Best sampled on a Hebridean beach at sunset - but you can't have everything!

Kind Regards

Dan McGrew said...

I will look for the Jura here. There is always a bottle of Lagavulin in the house, but the other two are rare treats. The Rosebank is impossible to find now that is closed.

And I have to add that the Lagavulin tastes best at the distillery - and experience I should repeat.

Enjoying your latest adventure.