Monday, November 23, 2015

Kinkead Ridge - A Fond Farewell

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"...... Dr. Seuss
There was some sadness over the weekend as the last wines from estate grapes were released by the folks at Kinkead Ridge winery in Ripley, Ohio.  The last two, brutally cold winters completely devastated the vineyard, the property changed hands and the new owners of the land will not be replanting.  The winery itself was sold to different owners and remains open and an ongoing operation, albeit with purchased grapes and juice. 

The red wines were from the 2013 vintage, before the bad winter of 2014.  The whites were released previously, but these reds had been aging in barrels until being bottled recently.

Cabernet Franc.  The nose was somewhat closed but with some swirling one could smell the fresh, red fruit and some vanilla.  The flavors were bright cherries with a nod to some darker fruit.  There was plenty of spice in the wine as well, primarily cinnamon.  It reminded me most of a Loire valley red wine,  The finish was smooth and long and at 13.3% alcohol it was very well balanced for drinking.  $21.95 and 143 cases produced.

Cabernet Sauvignon.  This was a darker and sharper wine than it's Cabernet Franc cousin.  Black cherries and  red plums were having a great time in this wine and the spices were singing harmony.  Much more tannin than in the other wine, and a little more acid as well.  Still, it was light and nimble and a total food wine.  The 12.7% alcohol content is further proof that very ripe grapes are not the only way to go.  $22.95 and 100 cases produced.

Petit Verdot.  This was the saddest wine in that I think it was my favorite of any vintage produced for this grape - and there will be no more.  PV is not a shy wine - it is in your face with flavor and extract.  This one showed some restraint.  Blackberries, dark plums, cassis and a whole cabinet full of spices were in this wine.  Suitable tannin and good acid balanced the fruity structure.  Usually with Kinkead Ridge  Petit Verdot I'm thinking of strong, blue cheese, but this wine will be great with beef and lamb.  My favorite of the three.  $24.95, 14.9% alcohol. 108 cases produced.

All of these will go in the cellar to rest for a year or two.  I still have a good amount older vintages of each of these wines to keep me occupied until these guys are ready. 

Dr. Seuss is correct. 


Anonymous said...

I really hate to see this news.

The Kinkeads were my favorite "Taste this and tell me where it's from." wines. We no longer live in Ohio, but I love sharing my stash with new friends and telling them about the wines. Nancy and Ron did more for the "legitimate" Ohio wine industry than anyone has so far and it's sad to see their hard work end with this closing.

Looks like I'll be saving that Cab Franc and Petite Verdot stash for special...special occasions. :(

Wino said...

So sad. I will miss this. One of so few real Ohio wines where there was plenty of fermented sugar juice. So little wine. Wishing Ron and Nancy all the best

Anonymous said...

Heart broken, but SO happy that we were able to share the wonderful wine experience while it lasted. Problem is, all other wines pale in comparison. :( Love you guys and wish you all the best!