Monday, November 9, 2015

New Territory and Evening Inspiration

The resident canine and I were out early this cold morning to explore a new trail that had been suggested to us by a park officer last week.  It runs near the bike path that we normally follow but is not marked on any of the maps and has a nearly hidden entrance.

It was a beautiful walk as the trail snaked its way down a hill to the river, passing though woods and open fields currently being re-forested.  The entire area is a nature preserve. The dog had a great time as it allowed her much more time off leash, though there is one section that runs through a legal deer hunting area and she was put back on her long leash through that area.  At this time of year one can't be too careful about those things. 

The sky was amazing.  Cold, crisp, clean, bright, cheerful and other similar words kept going through my mind.  The day was screaming at me to pick a tart, German Riesling for dinner.  So be it.

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