Thursday, January 28, 2010

2007 Kinkead Ridge Cabernet Franc

Back to wine drinking after the nasty flu bug is finally gone.

It started with a small fillet of beef made into a pan seared version of Beef Stroganoff.    I decided it was time to try one of the 2007 Kinkead Ridge reds and opted for the Cabernet Franc, primarily because that was the wine where my hand first came to rest.

I opened the wine and poured about a quarter cup for use in building the pan sauce  and poured some more into the glass.  Definitely a big nose on the wine and some dark fruit peeking out.  When dinner was ready we swirled and tasted.  The nose was still somewhat closed but rich, ripe fruit was foremost.  The color was medium dark and youngish.  There was also some oak in the nose.  The wine tasted of dark cherries over the top of some more tart red cherries.  There was a hint of tobacco in the nose, but I couldn't pick it up in the taste. The oak was there as well, coating the side of the tongue.  This is a big, full flavored wine.  There was good acid and a long finish that ended with some deep, dark fruit and a final bit of tannin.  Good wine that is still a year or more away from being ready, but with a good hearty beef dish it's certainly an option right now.

The wine is 84% Cabernet Franc and 16% Petit Verdot, and I suspect the the PV was responsible for that dark tannic finish.  

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Nancy Bentley said...

Maybe I'm tunnel visioned. But at a fine restaurant in New Orleans last week we had a 2004 White Rock Claret from Napa. It died in the glass, and IMHO did not hold a candle to our 2004 reds... at 3X the price retail and $90 at the restaurant.