Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not A Bargain

Some times a bargain really isn't one.  That's the case with this $9 Albarino, a 2008 Verdemar, pictured sitting in some snow.

There really wasn't much nose and the expected grapefruit and mineral aromas were absent.  There was a very generic and bland taste that was mostly like green grapes and a too sweet apple.  The definite lack of acidity didn't help this wine.  To its credit it did have a dry finish.

We ate some diver scallops and a small piece of baked Alaskan cod with the wine and no bells or whistles went off with the pairing.  The scallops were wonderful, but the wine was merely adequate.

This was part of a mixed case of low end wines we've been working our way through.  There have been a few winners from the case, but this one was a definite loser.

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