Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pacific Rim Riesling 2007

I'd been searching in the local area for this Columbia Valley wine for nearly two years and last week I finally found a bottle.

It's not possible to order it direct since they are not permitted to ship to Ohio consumers.  The state of Ohio has determined that they make too much wine too allow it to be shipped directly to an individual so one has to search and wait.

Sadly, the search and the anticipation was more fun than the wine itself.  It seemed lacking in acid and tasted old, tired and flat.  There was a small amount of Riesling flavor, but not much.  Since this is a 2007 vintage wine I suspect this was a bad bottle.  $9.

What I really want to try is some of higher end, single vineyard wines from this producer, but those apparently aren't available at all in Ohio, and since it's the same producer as this wine they can't even ship those higher end to the state.

I'll stick with the Barnard Griffin wine reviewed below for a dollar more.


Nicolas and Elizabeth said...


Thank you for giving us a shot. This is the current vintage of our Dry. We do age our Dry on lees for some time, so may be this is a character you picked up on.

Would be great to show you the SV.

Nicolas, Winemaker

Dan McGrew said...

The flavors I picked up on weren't those from lees aging, a taste I'm familiar with and like. The wine tasted a little cooked and reduced.

I've heard too many good things about Pacific Rim to form an opinion off this first bottle. I managed to locate two more in northern Kentucky which I will pick up this weekend.