Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Auslese for Dessert

Nothing like an auslese to end a good meal, and that's the way the Saturday meal ended.  The wine was a 2003 Spreitzer Oestricher Lenchen from the Rheingau.

Medium yellow in the glass the wine just oozed of sweet fruit, peaches, pineapple, apples and others.  Viscous in the glass it was great to sit there and just sniff it.  The taste was those mentioned fruits plus some minerality and light earth that  kept peeking through.  There was wonderful acid to balance that sweetness and the wine just stayed on that razor edge of being neither too sweet nor too tart.  Mouth feel was luxurious as the wine blanketed the tongue.   The finish hung around for a good amount of time and then ended with acidity to make you want another sip.

There was a tart apple dessert to match the wine, and while the dessert was good the wine was clearly the star.  Good stuff and there is one more in the cellar.

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