Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Fool Here

The last of the holiday parties was last night, a small gathering of four at my step-mother's home.

There were lots of munchies while we cooked the entre' for the evening, primarily a venison pate studded with cranberries and pistachios.  Good stuff.  Dinner was beef Stroganoff made with slices of fillet mignon and lots of mushrooms.

There were two wines, both good, but one very good.  The main bottle was a 2007 Michel-Schlumberger Le Fou Pinot Noir from Sonoma's Dry Creek Valley.  This is a wine I tasted at the winery last October and was in the first shipment I received from their wine club.

Medium color in the glass with a bright, happy nose of red cherries, orange peel and dry earth.  The wine was full flavored but with sharp and fresh fruit as opposed to dark over ripe fruit that seems to be the fashion in California Pinots lately.  There was wonderful acidity and good integrated tannin to the wine and a refreshing finish that brought back the fruit and the earth.  Very good stuff, and since the sauce for the Stroganoff contained a few ounces of the wine, reduced in the pan, it was a wonderful pairing.  The food was good with the wine and the wine was great with the food, and that's exactly what I look for in a pairing.  They made each other better by being together.

As for the title of this piece?  Le Fou translates as "the fool."

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