Sunday, January 24, 2010

Odds and Ends

Finally recovering from a severe case of intestinal flu.  There has been no wine for a week.  There's also been no sunshine so when you combine the two it's been rather depressing.

That will change in a couple of hours as the digestive systems seems to be a go again. It's the eve of Robert Burns Day and any one with Scottish ancestry has to have something to toast the man.

And here's a reminder that the last Saturday in February, this year the 27th, is "Open That Bottle Night."  This was a great tradition started by John Brecher and Dorothy Gaiter who until late December wrote the "Tastings" column in the Wall Street Journal.  That column ceased abruptly and people more informed that and I are speculating on the reasons.  I won't speculate.

The idea behind open That Bottle Night is simple.  Most people have a bottle that has been put away for a special occasion or a bottle that is just waiting for the correct time to be opened.  Quite often that time never seems to come.  February 27 is that night.  That bottle becomes the special occasion.

In the past readers were asked to e-mail John and Dottie to let them know what they opened and why.  A week or two later they did a wonderful column on what some of their readers drank.  Last year I was surprised to see my wine included in the column.  Despite the fact that there is no longer a column this wonderful tradition should not die.  Between now and February 27 find that bottle and plan yourself a party.

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