Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dom Perignon 1998

Celebrations are some times more important than what you're drinking.

Early yesterday the phone rang and someone asked if I would like a glass of Dom Perignon 1998.  It seems that a bottle was open and the chief celebrant wasn't too happy with the wine and wanted a second opinion.  There are times when I'm always willing to assist a friend in need.

Beautiful light gold color and small bubbles filled the glass.  Definite grapefruit and lemon zest on the nose with some toasted nuts and warm spices.  The taste was tart, sharp, citrusy  and with the "toasted brioche" finish one expects.  There was elegance here and the bubbles were just about perfect.  The finish was full of the yeasty bread taste that I love and it went on for some time.  There was nothing wrong with this wine, it was just that the taste of the purchaser of the bottle. They were hoping for just a touch more sweetness in the dosage.  Since this was their first bottle of Dom they were just a little disappointed.  While pouring my third glass I assured them that they did the right thing in calling me for another opinion.

While the Gloria Ferrer sparkler was good on New Year's Eve, this wine was in another league entirely.  Not the best champagne I've ever had, but one that I could become accustomed to given more purchasing resources.

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