Friday, February 18, 2011

Firesteed Pinot Noir

The 2008 vintage in Oregon is considered outstanding for pinot noir.  I've tried several and found them to be very good but a little bit expensive.  Finally we tried the bottom end of the Oregon price range with a 2008 Firesteed.  The result?  Tasty and a great value.

Pale in the glass the nose was pretty much bright berries and tart cherries and a little bit of damp earth or forest floor action.  Medium body and flavor, but those flavors were pure and juicy.  The earthiness also came through along with a slight suggestion of spice.  Good acid, but a perhaps a bit low on tannin.  This is another wine that doesn't cry out for thought or attention, it just asks to be consumed. 

$10 and a bargain at that price.  12.3% alcohol.

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