Sunday, February 20, 2011

Le Sage Merlot

Now that the worst of winter is supposedly over that means that wine shipments which were curtailed during December's and January's extreme cold and have started again. The first one in the door contained two wines from Michel Schlumberger. Last fall I upped the shipments from two bottles to six bottles, three of each wine. I usually share the wines with a friend and after more than several good wines we decided to split the cost of the six bottle shipment and open a bottle soon after it's arrival. This shipment contained the 2008 Le Sage Merlot and the 2008 La Brume Chardonnay.

With the weather turning a little nicer there was a rack of lamb done on the grill and some very small potatoes roasted whole in a cast iron skillet with some olive oil and a little lamb fat and rosemary for flavoring.

When everything was done we pulled the cork and poured the wine. Nice fruit on the nose and it took a minute or two to come up with blueberries and currants. There was also a cinnamon like aroma in the wine. The taste definitely fell into the blueberry and dark fruit category and there was a tiny hint of vegetable in the wine that I liked a lot. A suggestion of vanilla added a little complexity. Full bodied taste with some silkiness to the mouth feel. Deep flavors that lasted. Nice acid at the finish that balanced out the fruit. Good wine and wonderful with the lamb.

14.5% alcohol and $32 from the winery.

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