Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring's New Growth

Vineyard owners tend to get a rush when they see the first new growth of spring on the vines.  I get excited when I see the first buds of fresh herbs coming out of the ground.   That happened this morning.

After entirely too much snow and cold weather in this area the jet stream has moved back north and we were blessed with a week of above normal temperatures, even getting two sunny days at 65 degrees.  There are a few herbs that get an early start, dependent not so much on warm weather but on lengthening days to begin their season, in particular the tarragon and chives.  Both were above ground this morning and they are just a promise of what will be happening over the next month with the sage, thyme, and lavender.  It's fortunate that they are cold hardy because winter is by no means over and there will likely be more snow and ice before true spring arrives.  The rosemary winters over in the house, but it is now sitting in it's large pot basking in the sunlight on the front step.  It's still two months until the annual plants, primarily basil, parsley and chervil are ready for outdoors, but this is a start.

The photo is the tarragon peeking above ground for the first time since last fall.  It's a spring tonic to me.

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