Thursday, February 10, 2011

Italian Wine / Greek Food

4 degrees this morning (-16 c) and that means that last night was also quite chilly.  There was a samll Greek salad and a casserole of pastitsio in the oven.  Ground beef, ground lamb, cinnamon, oregano, tomatoes, garlic all simmered together and then covered with a yogurt and cheese infused bechamel sauce before going into the oven.

The wine was a 2007 Marchesi di Barolo Barbera Monferato, Maraia.  Smelling the wine made me happy.  Lots of red fruits and earthy spice, a little vegetable aroma and a medium body just made the wine smell like very early summer.  Light and happy on the tongue the berries were sweet yet tart.  Good acid and tannin and a long finish.  The cinnamon in the pastitsio really picked up this wine.  Nothing overly complex here, just solid wine that was the perfect antidote to a cold evening.  We added some crusty bread and soon quit caring that it was too cold outside.

$10 and 13.5% alcohol.  Outstanding value.

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