Thursday, May 31, 2012

2005 Clos Des Guettes

The oldest of the white Burgundies cracked open for the lobsters discussed below was from the 2005 vintage.  The wine was a Louis Jadot, Savigny-Les-Beaune, Premier Cru, Clos des Guettes, Domaine Gagey.  It was also the most discussed wine.

The nose was rich fruit, with vanilla and butter aromas and subtle baked goods aromas popping out as well.    The taste was a little one dimensional with strong tastes of ripe, green grapes, a bit of apple and peach and a bit of butterscotch.    We quickly put it in the number four spot.

Half an hour later the wine had bloomed in the glass.  The fruit was still there in the nose but the butter and vanilla had faded and the baked goods seemed to be carrying the bulk of the nose.  Now the flavors were open and the apples were sweeter, the grapes were a little more tart, there were hints of lemon and subtle tastes of  roasted nuts.  The finish was wonderfully long and refreshing.  Lots of body in this wine. 

It was a wonderful match with the lobsters, especially when they were dipped in the lemon butter.  From being initially put fourth in order it turned out to be the first bottle completely gone.  There was a lot of pleasure in this bottle.

13.5% alcohol and price about $35.

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