Thursday, May 24, 2012


I recently survived another birthday and as usual that meant that another bottle of single malt Scottish whisky came through the front door pleading to be adopted.  It's hard to say "no."

In this case it was a 17 year old Tamnavulin, a Speyside malt distilled in 1991.  It's a Gordon & McPhail bottling.

Very light, golden color with a flowery nose that just sang about summer.  Sweet aromas of flowers and ripening grain mixed with just a hint of smoke floating by.  Elegant and sweet on the finish with orange peel and apple pie lingering at the end.  With just a splash of cool water it blooms in the glass and it's aromas are amplified.  Easy to drink.

This is quite different from my all time favorite, Lagavulin, from Islay.  That's an in your face whisky with big, bold, smoky flavors, while this one is more subtle and friendly.  Lagavulin translates as the little mill in the hollow while Tamnavulin translates as the little mill on the hill

Sadly the distillery ceased production in 1993. 

43% alcohol and $70.

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