Friday, May 11, 2012

Fresh Asparagus

It's really a good thing that the fresh, local asparagus season is brief because I might overdose if it lasted longer.  Fresh herbs and fresh asparagus. locally grown, almost  make the winter a tolerable memory.

In this case the stalks were from three miles away and were purple.  Often I peel the stems before cooking asparagus, but I don't do that with the purple variety.  Purple is only skin deep and I definitely want to enjoy the purple.

It's a quick harvest and there are only a couple of days left at this farm plot, though the green variety should be ready in a few days and last for about a week.

Last night I steamed the spears, placed them on the plate and topped them with two poached quail eggs, a little salt, some pepper and some toasted bread crumbs. Simple but delicious.

It was also a beer night - more on that later.

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