Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Great party last weekend to celebrate the unofficial start of summer here, and the weather cooperated by being hot and steamy. Of course the centerpiece for the party was the box of fifteen lobsters that got steamed and consumed.  And if one has lobsters then one must have wine.  In the past the wine list concentrated primarily on Chablis, but it branched out a little bit year into other areas of Burgundy.

Let's start with the one Chablis on the list, a 2006 Vincent Mothe Premier Cru Fourchaume.  Light, green/gold color in the glass, a lot like summer straw.   Fresh scents of hay fields and sea spray to go along with bits of citrus zests.  Medium body, fresh and tart with flavors of crisp apple.  Balanced wine that was a near perfect match with the lobsters. 

There were three butters to dip the lobsters, one with lemon, one with lime and one with ginger.  The Mothe Chablis aced the test with the ginger flavored butter.  This was just a wonderful match. 

Good stuff, and since it was my contribution, I can report that there is one more in the cellar.

$35 and 13% alcohol.

Much more to come.

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