Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finger Licking Good

In this case, finger licking good does not apply to Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken, it applies to the 2005 Kinkead Ridge Petit Verdot. The new white wines from Kinkead Ridge are just a few weeks away from release so some space needed to be made in the cellar for them by opening a few bottles of past vintages.

First up was the 2005 PV and a New York strip steak from the grill done on the rare side of medium with the remaining morels sauteed in some butter.  Yum.

Inky dark wine in the glass, almost black, and  I kept thinking back to old legends in the wine world of the "black wine of Cahors."  Robust and earthy aromas of black plums, blackberries and just about any other black fruit one can name.  Definitely full flavored with blackberries and black raspberries.  The best thing about this wine was that the oak has finally integrated fully.  With previous bottles the oak was a predominant flavor, but now it has mellowed into vanilla and cinnamon and it plays a supporting role.  Very proper acidity and a lush mouth feel to this wine led to a long. slow, ripe finish with just a bit of vegetable at the very end.  Absolutely perfect with the steak and morels. The best news is that there are two more in the cellar, but the wine is drinking so well right now that it will be a shame to hold on to them.

13.4% alcohol and $18.95.

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