Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lemelson Thea's Selection 2007

The first wave of  Copper River Salmon arrived in the area from Alaska late last week.  Usually the most highly marketed, thus highly expensive, salmon of the year it always comes close to living up to its hype.  Rich, unctuous, fatty, full flavored, fresh, clean, etc.

The preparation was simple, some salt and pepper, a very light touch of paprika, a hot skillet and quick trip to the oven after searing on top of the stove. 

The wine was equally s good - a 2007 Lemelson Vineyards, Thea's Selection Pinot Noir from Oregon's Willamette Valley.  Wonderful nose of ripe cherries and earth, mixed with just a kiss of oak.  Medium body with great flavors of both red and black cherries.  Very balanced wine with good acidity, good tannin and that light touch of oak that seemed to accent the other flavors rather than dominate them.  It didn't taste like a Burgundy, but it also had the good sense to not taste like way too many American pinots and go overboard with ripeness and alcohol. 

Super combination with the salmon as the oiliness in the fish was balanced against the tannin and acid in the wine with the fruit and earth flavors just adding to the experience.  Very good stuff.

The plant in the photo is a salmon colored tuberous Begonia that normally resides on the patio.

13.5% alcohol and $24

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