Sunday, March 24, 2013

Calm Before the Storm - Literally

Gray and overcast this morning, but that will change soon as near blizzard conditions are just west of us and heading this way. In spite of that there is a Baraolo dinner planned for this evening and I just double decanted the wine I am putting in the mix with several others. It was uncorked and slowly poured into a decanter leaving the sediment behind. I rinsed the sediment out of the original bottle and then decanted the wine back into the bottle and vacuum sealed the bottle.  Of course I poured a wee dram into a glass.  The wine is a 2001 E. Pira & Figli,  Chiara Boschis, Via Nuovo.

Very closed up, but after half an hour it is hinting at ripe fruit, flowers and earth.  Very modern in style at the moment, but time will tell.

The worst of the weather conditions are not due in until much later in the day after the dinner.  If the weather arrives early I'll be staying home and this bottle will get my full attention while the snow blows (up to fourteen inches) and the winds howl (35 to 45 mph gusts).  

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