Thursday, March 21, 2013

Top Form

Paraphrasing John "Hannibal" Smith from the old TV series The A Team, I love it when a wine comes together.  That's what appears to have happened to the 2008 Kinkead Ridge Ohio River Valley Riesling.  There was some left over pork and a lot of strange little ingredients that got combined into a spicy, Asian inspired, twice cooked pork dish with rice noodles for dinner. 

The first whiff of this wine was sulfur and kerosene and a little bit of the 'just struck match' aroma.  Ten seconds of swirling and that went away and was replaced by white peaches and  not fully ripe pears and just a touch of rain on dry limestone.  There was a great balance between crisp and sweet in this wine and that made it ideal with the meal.  Medium body and strength of flavors put it in great harmony with the food.  Neither dominated the other, they just got along like old friends reminiscing. The small bit of sweetness at the end was a good counterpoint to the heat from the four dried chiles that were in the multi-layered sauce. 

I've had a couple bottles of this wine previously, but this one was the best and though there are two more in the cellar this wine is great right now and at least one of the remaining bottles will be gone soon.

Kinkead Ridge Ohio River Valley Riesling.  12.1% alcohol, 1.2% residual sugar.  $13.  225 cases produced.

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